Uranium Argon Mercury discharge tube tesla coil lovers gas neon sign

This auction is for 1 Uranium discharge tube made from r are 1940's Uranium glass. This glass makes a Geiger counter sing.

Technical info:

Tube diameter 12mm

Tubes part of the stock of a old time neon sign maker. In my stock for 18 years. Estimated age: 60 years old

Tube length w/ electrodes 15"

Filled with Agron (H4 gas) Mercury mix.

Color when lit... Green color edges.. blueish center..

Color when off.. clear light green/yellow.

Processing temp: 300 degrees C prior to filling

Filling temp: 80 degrees C

Fill pressure: 11mm of Hg

Tube cleaned and washed with Acetone prior to filling

Please email questions.. I have other tubes as well. Check out my other auctions. I have added a small handling charge to cover packing costs.

I also make other tubes using various colors. Please contact me for anything related to neon, discharge tubes, transformers, etc

www justneon com

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Electrodes: 12mm with ceramic collars