Uranium/Clear Glass-Xenon Gas Filled Geissler Tube, New

T his is a new handmade xenon gas filled discharge tube 13 1/2" long by 1 1/2" in diameter, made with uranium glass and clear barium strontium glass tubing. This decorative display tube is made in the same tradition as old Geissler tubes, but with a modern twist. Uranium glass was used extensively in many of the Geissler discharge tubes made around the turn of the last century, and this modern tube's center sp is also made from old stock uranium glass tubing. Uranium oxide in the glass gives it a fluorescent greenish color that glows brightly when the tube is energized. Curiously, it's slightly radioactive, but completely harmless. The clear glass is a new lead-free barium strontium product with exceptional strength and clarity.
Another thing that sets this tube apart from antique Geissler tubes is the rare gas that it is filled with. Xenon, the rarest and heaviest of the stable noble gases, is used in this tube at a specific pressure that causes it to form a luminous thread-like discharge that can take on several different appearances, depending on the type of power supply used and how it is connected. The discharge can be very active and fast moving, or slowed down to an undulating crawl. The pictures show both effects, but many more can be produced by changing the frequency and power going to and through the tube. The tube
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