URANOCIRCITE - Fluorescent! Type Locality! - GERMANY


Krunkelbach Valley Uranium deposit, Menzenschwand, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

3.3 x 2.2 Centimeters

A nice miniature sized specimen of Meta-Uranocircite from the type locality for the species, at Menzenschwand, Germany. Uranocircite is a Uranium ore closely related to Autunite, whose brilliant fluorescence is shared. This specimen hosts dozens of crystals in the matrix, many showing sharp form and excellent color. This locality was mined in 1990, after which the dumps were removed and the property landscaped.

Uranium and thorium bearing minerals are a fascinating subset of the mineralogical world, and when treated with proper respect can form a rewarding aspect of one's collection. Like a poisonous insect or flower, Uranium minerals are often possessed of bright colors and exotic form, making them among the most beautiful of all mineral species, and make for great conversation with noncollectors. Perfectly legal to buy, sell, and possess. T are several excellent articles on safe care and handling of radioactive minerals available on the internet.

I've just returned to Ebay from a four month break during which time I explored the deserts of Northern Arizona and Utah in search of Uranium. I brought back plenty of new material, and the quality of listings will
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