ÞURSAKYNGI: The Essence of Thursian Sorcery, EKORTU/Vexior Grimoire Ixaxaar LE

This is a copy of ÞURSAKYNGI: The Essence of Thursian Sorcery by EKORTU/Vexior. Some minor shelf wear. It's been read, but care was taken with the book. If you are looking at this page I'm sure you at least have an idea as to the theme of it's contents, but anyway, here's the description from the publisher below."ÞURSAKYNGI - Volume I - The Essence of Thursian Sorcery by EKORTU, will be the first book of in this set of Thursatru Grimoires. The main topics in this series of books will focus spiritual workings, rune mysteries, practical sorcery, High Thursian Magic, religious aspects and worship of the divinity of Nifl and Muspell, interpretation and understandings of the Norse mythology and gigantology, Hel-workings, synthesis of pre-Christian Norse, gnostic and LHP perspectives, lycanthropy and different forms of shape-shifting within the Hamr-workings and much more, manifesting a practical path of the religio-sorcerous cult of the titanic forces referred to as Thurses. Thursatru is a new progeny of the old pre-Christian Norse religion, mythology and gigantology, serving here to manifest the impulses striving to overthrow the limitations of cosmic creation." First Edition. Black leatherette. 677 copies printed. 279 pp, Illustrated, including a section of colour photography. Will only ship within the US, no international buyers please.