US Air Force T-37 / A- 37 Aircraft Canopy Breaker Tool

US Air Force T-37 / A- 37 (Tweet) Aircraft Canopy Breaker Tool .

Nicknamed " Tweets " for the high pitch squeal their engines made, and just about every Air-force Pilot trained on them since 1956. T-37's have been in use in the Air Force for over 50 years as a primary pilot/navigator trainer for the United States Air Force, and in the air forces of several other nations. The A-37 Dragonfly variant served during the Vietnam War as a light attack aircraft and continues to serve in the Air Forces of several South American nations.

The canopy breaker tool was necessary for a pilot to eject from the aircraft. Pilots had to reach up, grab the tool, and break the canopy before they could eject. It sat on the middle frame of the bubble canopy as shown in the picture. This breaker tool was removed from a 1964 model tweet in 1983. Replacement of these breaker tools was very very rare in the 5 years I worked on these aircraft, usually only the pin was replaced. As the plane was still quite intact, I am pretty sure this tool was never actually used to break a canopy.

Great Collectors/Nostalgia Gift for an Air Force Pilot, Navigator, or even Crew Chief

Condition: Used, scrapped - hole for pin worn beyond AF specs. Weight 1.5 lb, Length 7.375" (less pin).

Shipping: Insurance is optional, however suggested. Shipping
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