US Army 168th Infantry Regiment Pinback Crest PB DI 168

This is a vintage pinback US Army 168th Infantry Regiment (of the 34th ID) Distinctive Unit Insignia. This is an old one, a single crest, a pin-back, shield/crest for the 168th Infantry Regiment. This has the GEMSCO hallmark. This reads "GEMSCO AGO G2" on the back. This is likely from just after WW2, maybe the middle 1950's? I think this is the very first of Gemsco's alpha-numeric codes from the 1950's. This is a vintage, real, used, worn, crest...but it is also rare and from an AWESOME unit! The 168 th regiment was part of the 34th Infantry Division, the RED BULL DIVISION! This regiment had the motto "ON GUARD" on their crests. This unit really got around! In World War One they were in the AEF and got into the war in europe against the hun. They were part of the Iowa National Guard in the 1920's and 1930's. Then in WWII the 34th ID got federalized again and got to work training for war! The 168th Infantry Regiment was one of their three combat infantry regt's! In WORLD WAR TWO they were part of the 34th I.D.! The 34th ID was famous, partly because of the japanese/american 100th Infantry Battalion/Separate/Nisei which was with them in 1943 and 1944. This division had a TON of other awesome combat units as well! They had the 135th Infantry Regiment, 168th Infantry Regiment, (this unit!), the 442nd Infantry Regiment (Nisei), the

This pinback vintage DI / DUI / SHIELD / CREST would go on the epaulettes of the officer uniform, or on the lapels of the enlisted soldier. The branch of service (crossed rifles for infantry!) would go above the D.U.I.'s on an enlisted man's ike or tunic, or on the lapels of the officer jacket.

This vintage PB D.I. would really spice up a WW2 or Korean War infantryman's uniform!

Please ask any questions before you bid. I want you to be happy with this vintage insignia badge. All sales are final. Thanks!


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