US Army First Cavalry shirt Apocalypse Now, Vietnam era

This shirt is actually just before the war in Vietnam as the Korean Conflict was winding down. It would be perfect for a Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore outfit for Holloween. Duvall did embody the spirit of these Helocopter Jockeys as they zoomed around shooting and terrifying the enemy. The shirt comes with the original yellow Kerchief and patches of course. The shirt is in pretty good condition with a few small rusty looking stains on the front and some whitish areas that are probably starch residue. The size is measured(the tag is missing inside) to be 20 inches shoulder to shoulder and 19 inch waist(you can see from one of the photos that it was taken in slightly down the sides for a slightly tapered look). The arm pit to armpit distance is 22 inches and the outside sleeve measures 24.5 from the shoulder to the end of the cuff. I can ship it to you in the USA for $7.00 and thank you for looking.