US Cavalry carbine rifle scabbard Springfield or Krag?

I was told this is a U.S. Cavalry scabbard however after scounring the internet for a couple of hours over it, I've decided to just go ahead and list it and perhaps someone will tell me what it is.

The scabbard is early, possibly 1901-1910 and although I know a lot of them were stamped RIA for Rock Island or some other arsenals I can't find anything marked on it. T is also no US cartouche that I can find. The only marks are the numbered loops that hold the straps.

When I purchased this at auction t were several McClellan Saddles in the lot and I am guessing they came from the same consignor, but whether or not they were attached to one of the saddles I can't say.

The leather on the scabbard is in excellent condition. T is some good honest wear and signs of use but the leather is firm as all getout and the stitching is superb and intact. I gave it an application of Blackrock and just look at that shine! Original hardware includes a swivel hook at the butt end w it would have attached to a saddle plus two adjustable leather straps that also have snap hooks. The straps and buckles have some age to them however I don't know if they're original to the scabbard or not.

The only markings I can find are the little leather keeper loops on the scabbard that hold the straps in place. They have markings on
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