US Flag Flown on USS Arizona Missouri Pearl Harbor WWII


DECEMBER 7, 2007 - The 66 th Anniversary

* * * * NO RESERVE * * * *

This Quality Embroidered Cotton US Flag is the actual Flag flown over the USS ARIZONA and the USS MISSOURI last December 7, 2007 , at 07:00 (USS Missouri) and 18:56 (USS Arizona). The Flag is in Perfect Condition as it was flown only once over each ship, then carefully folded and put into a plastic sleeve for protection along with the Flag Flying Information Slip (See Actual Flag and Green Slip in Photos).

The Flag comes with the Certificate of Flag Presentation from the Fleet Reserve Association (USN, USMC, USCG). The certificate has 3 photos across the top (USS Arizona, USS Missouri, Arizona Memorial) above the information about the ships and the flag flying... This Certificate is Great for Displaying with the Flag since it is not personalized. (See Scan of Actual Certificate in Listing.)

The Flag Certificate states the following:

On December 7 th , 1941 , World War II began when the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor . During this attack, the USS Arizona (BB-39) was sunk taking 1177 crewman with her. To this day, these men are still interred aboard this proud battleship. In tribute to the American fighting men killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor
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