US GI Military M1941 Woodburning Tent Stove UNISSUED

US GI Original Military M1941 Woodburning Tent Stove NEW UNISSUED
Description: This is an original military tent stove, of surplus stock and in unused condition. It will burn either wood or coal, and provides ample heat for a large tent, a cabin, garage, or workshop. The stove is approximately 18" in height and diameter, and comes with 3 pieces of 24" stove pipe (4" in diameter). These stoves are great for heating many outdoor sports events in addition to camping, and many have been purchased for garage/workshop heating. These are military surplus stoves that have never been issued or used. Accessories are also available. Inquire if interested.


Shovel Flue Cap Cast Iron Cinder Grate w/ Shaker Handle Adapter Ring Lid Heater Base and Top Qty 3 - 24" 4" round Stove Pipe Tent Shield Poker Flue Damper Shaker Manual
Does NOT include Spark Arrestor as pictured. Condition: NEW UNISSUED Condition

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Shipping Weight: 60 pounds

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