title : Las sicodélicas (1968), Mexican dark humor comedy, starring Maura Monti, Rogelio Guerra, Isela Vega, Elizabeth Campbell and Amedée Chabot

year : This lobby card was made for the original release of the movie in the United States

item : U.S. printed lobby card

about U.S. printed lobby cards for Mexican films: The United States territory was one of the most important markets for Mexican movies from the Golden Age. From the silent era on, an increasing number of venues used to exhibit Mexican movies; by the 1950s, this number reached about 600.

The volume of business was so relevant that Mexican film distributors made big publicity campaigns. They included the release of lobby cards especially made for the U.S. market. These lobby cards differ from the ones made in Mexico in several ways.

First of all, they are smaller (Mexican lobby cards are approx. 13" x 17", while the U.S. printed ones are only 11" x 14"). Then, Mexican lobby cards generally reproduced the design made for the one-sheet poster, while the U.S. printed cards do not. Finally, the photograph in the U.S. printed lobby card is an actual movie still , glued onto the cardboard.

description :

unused flawless sepia photo in the picture: Elizabeth Campbell, Amedé Chabot and Maura Monti domestic shipping: insured,
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