US M1917 shotgun bayonet Winchester 1897/1912 riot gun

Vietnam war era U.S. M1917 bayonet in "as found" - uncleaned condition, with it's original sheath / scabbard. These bayonets were used during the Vietnam war - and were attached to the riot shotguns - the ones with the ventilated handguards - Winchester model 1897's, Winchester model 1912's, Stevens and others. These shotguns were used extensively during the war - for combat, guard duty and riot/crowd control. Lots of them were made new during the war by GENERAL CUTLERY and CANADIAN ARSENAL. 16 3/4 inch blade - a fuller on each side - just about all the original finish left - worn just on the high spots (from sliding it in / out of the scabbard). Blade is unmarked - stamped on the cross guard: US M1917. Also stamped on the guard: a small capital A inside a large capital C - and one other marking, which I cannot decipher. Black ceckered composition handle scaes are nice and unbroken (one of the screws holding the scales is missing). Bayonet overall in great condition - most of the parkerizing is present - also a little rust and t (which I am sure will clean off very nicely). Original green composition scabbard with metal throat and wire belt hook - the throat is stamped: U.S. - M1917 / B.A.INC.. The scabbard is in very good condition with a couple short and thin stress cracks - which are not going anyw Scabbard measures about 17 3 ... read more