US military Anti-exposure flight suit, pilot drysuit

US military CWU-74 Anti- Exposure suit
In cold weather, a pilot will zip on his rubber-lined exposure suit (also called a "poopie suit" or "anti-exposure suit"). The exposure suit functions like a diver's dry suit, keeping him warm in the event that he lands in water following ejection. Exposure suits designed for the newest fighter jets, like the Boeing F-22, provide additional protection from chemical and biological agents.

This suit is the U.S. Air Force version of the CWU-62/P suit and is patterned after the CWU-27/P (regular flight suit) garment with all the pockets of the CWU-27/P garment. It is intended for use by flying personnel on over-water flights and is designed for constant wear beneath standard flight clothing. It is constructed of a laminate material consisting of a waterproof, breathable membrane sandwiched between an outside layer of Nomex ® /Kevlar and an inside layer of Nomex ® jersey suit with overtaped seams. The suit includes soft expandable watertight neck and wrist seals, watertight entry zipper and optional booties which fit beneath flight boots.
Standard Color: Sage Green.

Size 2 (Small Regular/long) 34 inch chest