US NAVY Squadron marked flight helmet

Current issue to Navy and Marines the HGU-68/p made by Gentex corp is stabdard issue to all fixed wing aircrew. This HGU-68 is size Large and has seen many flight combat hours and has its original squadron markings and configuration. Helmet is being sold as a collectible only. This type of equipment is intened to be worn by fighter pilot flying with Gentex flight helmet type HGU-86 or hgu-68 or HGU-55 in F/A-18 Hornet and A-4 Skyhawk. The pilot of these aircraft were trained in the use of aircrew life support equipment including g-suit and oxygen mask systems in fighter and attack aircraft. The MBU-12 and MBU-14 were masks that were also used with this type of equipment in Naval Aviation.More modern aircraft such at the Super Hornet and Grumman Prowler are now using different types of equipment such as the CRU-103 and GRU-7 ejection seat.