US Navy USS John F Kennedy CV-67 1997 Med Cruise Patch

US Navy USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 1997 Med Cruise Patch. This 4 1/2" circular patch lists all the Squadrons assigned to it during this deployment.

USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)

USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) , formerly CVA-67, is a supercarrier. Nicknamed "Big John" , she is named after the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was originally designated a CVA, or strictly an air combat ship; however, the designation was changed to CV to denote that the ship was capable of anti-submarine warfare (ASW), making her an all-purpose carrier.

Kennedy is one of two non-nuclear aircraft carriers still in active service with the U.S. Navy (the other is Kitty Hawk ). The two carriers are powered by eight boilers.

Kennedy is currently the Navy's third oldest aircraft carrier, and will be decommissioned on March 23, 2007.