US Navy WW2 WWII Aviators Flight Log Book, Named, 1942

US Navy aviators of WW2 logged every flight hour in an aviator's flight log book. In it was logged the type of aircraft, the duration of the flight, and the takeoff and landing information involved. Every piece of information was verified by a superior officer's signature. This flight log book covers the flying career of a ten year veteran, named J.F. Conway. Conway commanded Navy transport, training and scout airships on the Atlantic coast, from 1934-44. The type of aircraft listed in the flight log is Navy Code "ZN", for Airships, flying from Elizabeth, North Carolina. The squadron is ZP Squadron 14, which is Airship Patrol Squadron 14 flying from that naval air station.One of the squadron's airships is seen in photos of the capture of the German submarine U-505 on June 4 , 1944. Navy records of that operation show "Navy blimp on station as air cover". This flight log book records the long hours of flight time logged, the type of mission ( training, transport, patrol ) and the different pilots' names.This is a great relic of a bygone era in Naval Aviation; that of the combat airship. Bid with confidence and please view or other great military, aviation, and sporting classics.