US Vietnam M17 A1 gas mask NOS in sealed box 1969 1971


UNISSUED Vietnam era US M17 A1 gas mask. Like the M17 used in the earlier part of Vietnam, but with a drinking tube, and the ill-conceived "resuscitation tube", which was later dropped in the M17A2 model. Straight from the factory in box dated July 1971, with a cure date (?) of December 1969. Size is MEDIUM. The photos are of one I found in an opened box. This box is identical to the one you are bidding on. Inside you will find a mint mask carrier, lens outserts (protective lens covers), waterproof plastic bag, and a SEALED BAG containing the mask itself! How cool is that? You will get the one in the un-opened box ! NOTE: Last photo is a stock photo of an M17 series mask for those unfamiliar with one.

Informaiton on the M17 series masks from the internet:

In effort to solve some of the problems found with the M9 series masks, the Army began work on a new lightweight mask that offered more comfort and compactness, while maintaining a high level of protection. The results were standardized the M17 Field Protective Gas Mask in 1959. The M17 went on to be another of the most successful masks ever made, as it was copied by at least four other countries.The M17 eliminated the need for a bulky external filter canister, which also made the mask more suitable for both left and right handed soldiers.
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