C-USA 1899 O Morgan Dollar VF

This coin grades VF35. An original coin with even wear. Welcome to Collector-USA Florida. We are proud to open a branch in the south. CollectorUSA now will be shipping coins out of Nokomis, Florida along with Bozeman, Montana. This is the same great company with the same great service. If you ever have any problems please let us know so we can help solve it. Please visit our Ebay store at Collector-USA. Our Email address is . We GUARANTEE that any non-certified coin or coins that you purchase from us will grade at least the same grade as purchased or higher through any of E-Bay's approved grading services! This guarantee does not apply to coins which we label as cleaned or having other problems. This allows you to buy our non-certified coins with complete confidence. All non-certified coins were graded by Dale L. Williams, a previous grader for THE #1 GRADING service located in Newport Beach, CA. and was a finalist in the World Series of Grading. Collector-USA wants you to be happy with the coins that you get from us. If for any reason you do not like a coin you get from us or if it just does not fit your collection, please return it for a full refund of the purchase price. Collector-USA self insures coins that are under $50. We pay for lost items in a very timely manner. If you do not hear from us concerning any problem you may ... read more