USA American licence plate, number plate, MINNESOTA.

Genuine American licence plate (12 X 6 inch metal) from


An attractive and valuable addition to your collection.

This plate has embossed digits.


UK postage is £2.30 recorded delivery plus £0.40p per extra plate.

(Recorded/tracked mail is a requirement that Paypal demands)


The American licence plates I sell, are genuine issue 12 X 6 inches metal licence plates.

Most of these have been used on a motor vehicle of some kind, and will show some signs of this.

These could be marks around the boltholes, scratches on the surface of the raised letters, road film, or minor dings.

Some plates I sell are unissued, or unused, so can be in "as new" condition.

All licence plates I sell, are for collecting, souvenir or display, and must not be used on a motor vehicle on the road.

These plates are all expired and over 3 years old.