*USA* Wrist WATCH LIGHTER Cigar Flame Thrower Jet Flame Refillable MATCHES not!

Ships FAST from good ole US of A!! Order from another country.....welllllll, you let us know how that works for ya. This is the original and best of the bunch, don't settle. This is a real faux leather ;), quality electronic watch, with an actual functioning refillable torch lighter! This is a normal standard size watch that is very comfortable and suprisingly handsome. The watch features a dark metallic face with silver casing. Order now while supplies last...
*Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty. Please fill fuel before the actual lighting.
Material Iron, Faux Leather Color Silver Watchband Size 10.04" x 0.83" (L x W) Watchcase Size 1.73" x 0.59" (Dia.x H) Weight 3.42 oz / 97 g