USAAF War Dept WWII Travelope-Chesapeake Ohio RR Ticket, Locator Card, Photo

Up For Grabs

A nice little lot of WWII (and Railroad) Historical Items

This is from a larger lot I sold awhile back - I missed these! It is from the estate of Staff Sergeant Benjamin Troisi, a gunner in the 8th Army Air Force, 389th Bombing Squadron. He received multiple Air Medals for his heroics in the European Theatre of Operations.

After his time in the ETO, he requested to become a radio operator and once stateside, was granted that request. Included in this lot is:

- a photo of Troisi with his wings, ribbon bar and unit citation ribbon in its original cardboard folder

- a very cool "Travelope" from the War Department with Troisi's notes in pencil on the back with the following items

- a Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. Ticket to Illinois (stamped Govt. Request)

- a Pullman Company luggage ticket - stamped as well

- a War Department locator card (note he was still a Corporal here)

- A government Request for Transportation Memorandum (two parts) from the Virginia Army Air Base in Richmond

- a War Department memo on manila paper "Instructions in Use of Meal Tickets"

and a copy of his "one year in the ETO" newsletter - original went to winner of large auction

ALSO - JUST FOUND - a copy of Instructions to Travelers from the 1678 AAFBU Convalescant
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