USAF book and patch 4925th TEST GROUP (ATOMIC)

Patch and 40- page softcover book giving a rare and fascinating insight into USAF's nuclear test operations in the early 1950s. Shipping to US via USPS Priority Mail $5 Overseas via First Class Mail $14.

The 4925th TG (Atomic) known as "The Megaton Blasters" was re-designated by AMC at Kirtland AFB, NM in February 1951 from the 3170th Special Weapons Group following a decision to consolidate all USAF special weapons activities under AF Special Weapons Command. In April 1952 the AFSWC lost its MAJCOM status and became the Air Force Special Weapons Center reporting to ARDC (see my separate listing). The 4925th was responsible for the development flight testing of all USAF nuclear weapon delivery systems including conducting live test drops. The bomber element was assigned four examples of each bomber type then in service (B-29s, B-50Ds, B-36Hs, B-45As, B-47s, B-57As, B-66Bs and B-52Cs. The fighter element consisted of F-84Fs, F-86Es, and F-101As. Provided B-36 and B-52 drop airplanes for all US air launched nuclear tests in Nevada and the Pacific from 1951 to 1958. At least 73 personnel were known to have died subsequently as a result of radiation cancer. The Group was deactivated on April 1st 1961 when AF Systems Command replaced ARDC and components of its mission were distributed among other units.