USAF Insect repellant from Underseat Survival Kit X2

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Two tubes of military issue insect repellant, this is the real deal, fantastic insect repellant designed for the exacting demands of the military.
These are standard items in USAF survival kits and these came from a couple of seat packs that were being decomissioned.
Useful for a collectable or if needed for a real survival situation, I have used similar stuff before and it is fantastic.
Part of a large collection of militaria that is being sold off. Please see all my other items for many bargins.
International bidders are encouraged to get a tailored delivery quote, postage is deliberatly quoted high to prevent issues I have had in the past. Upon posting the item to you will receive a refund from the balance based on the actual cost of the post and packaging. Same goes for the United Kingdom
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