USAF NASA 8x10 Photo #166 On-board Photo of Booster Stage Release in Flight

This photo is part of a large collection I acquired from a retired NASA and former USAF official. Many of these are photos that were once classified but are now designated on the back as "Unclassified." Some are blank backed, but the majority (about 2/3) have the date stamped on them and include detailed information on the reverse. If a photo is blank-backed, or contains writing that means nothing to the casual reader, I have not shown a scan of the back. If it does contain some information, I have shown a second scan of that information. I have noticed that the information on the back of the photo is actually easier to read in person than what the scanned image on EBAY shows.
SHIPPING : Each photo will be shipped inside a protective plastic sleeve inside a sturdy cardboard mailer with an extra piece of cardboard for additional reinforcement during shipping. We also stamp "DO NOT BEND" in red letters 3-5 times on each side of the snow white mailer, so it's easy for postal officials to see.