USAF SAC B-52 BUFF Tech order -1 flight manual book

Welcome in!! You are bidding on an Air Force Tecnical Order (T.O. 1B-52G-1-1) for the B-52G Aircraft. This auciton is for the PERFORMANCE MANUAL and AIR REFUELING MANUAL only. The BUFF was SACs big stick and saw much aciton in Vietnam and Desert Strom...the G model (the manaul in this auction is for the G model) is out of the inventory all together. Get a piece of history while you can. This is an orginal issue copy of the performance manual dated 15 May 1961 incorprating up to Change 68 dated 30 Jan 1987. For those of you not familiar with an aircraft T.O. performance manual, part of the dash 1, it includes detailed performance data charts and graphs for things like take-off distance (with and without water injection!!), climb and cruise data and fuel flow info, approach and landing data and all the emergency operations information. It even has specific TOLD (take-off and landing data) for Anderson AFB on Guam. Cool stuff. T is also an "interim operational supplement" message, posted at the front, from SAC HQ at Offut AFB to advise crews of updated fuel flow considerations when carrying BDU-48 practice bombs. Also included in this book is the T.O. 1-1C-1 which is the Air Refueling manual. It has all the info needed for a crew to AR with KC-135 or KC-10 tankers. In all this manual binder has about 460 pages and is in near mint condition! ... read more