USBlinx II USB linx 2 Ultracade I/O board multicade tested #2

Ultracade USBlinx II I/O board. Rev. 1.00 This board is used to link the Ultracade PC to the Jamma interface allowing the pushbuttons, controls, coin and test to be functional. It also connects up the trackball and spinner & provides the audio amplification. This board has been tested Joysticks, Pushbuttons, trackball all ok. Coin #2 is stuck on in the input and shows on the test screen. I am cleaning out some arcade parts and this was a spare for an Ultracade machine. I know this will work with the Global Arcade Classics machine and the Ultracade machine running the last revision of software. The older Ultracade machines used the PS2 keyboard connection to link to the PC this one uses USB. Please see my other listing for some Ulracade machine parts. Shipping will be priority mail with insurance.