Used 2010 HO Syndicate S1 Waterski 65" W/ Double Boots

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Gently Used 2010 HO Syndicate S1 Waterski- 65" With Brand New HO Double Animal Boots

65" Fits Skiers 100Lbs to 145Lbs

Buyer Picks Boot Size and Foot Forward -

Sizes Available: Small (6-7) ; Medium (8-9) ; Large (10-11) ; X-Large (12-13)

2010 H-O S1 Waterski Blank- Used
Bob LaPoint and the Syndicate Team spent the 2009 tournament season refining the very successful Syndicate A1 shape specifically for speed. The result is the newest ski in the Syndicate Program, the Syndicate S1. Designed specifically for the speed, turn support and line you’ve been dreaming of.

Analysis of the tournament market has determined two unique skier styles and resulting skier tastes in slalom skis. Some skiers prefer skis that ride deeper in the water, have a tip down attitude and more of a “carving” turn shape. While other skiers choose skis the that ride higher in the water, require less physical exertion and have quicker more “skidded” turn shapes.
The S1 design produces its specific type of on-water attitude by employing a 32mph to 34mph specific hybrid concave design. By utilizing a 5.75% smaller bevel, narrower traction rail width and a 17% shallower concave depth, the S1 delivers a faster, lower drag, quicker, more “skidded” turn shape, all without sacrificing the stability
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