USED MSA ACH MICH SDS Kevlar Helmet Size: Extra Large

USED ACH MICH SDS Kevlar Helmet Size: Extra Large

Manufacture: MSA

Size: Extra Large

I am listing several Current Issue Kevlar ACH Helmets. In sizes: Medium , Large and Extra Large .

All come with a military helmet manual.

If you buy any Kevlar helmet from anyone, make sure you get a manual. You will need the manual to properly adjust your helmet to your head.

All Helmets come with 7 pads. Each helmet that the Military issues have 7 pads, you will need all of them to properly adjust the helmet to your head.

All helmets come with an ACU helmet cover. {If you wish a Desert Camo or Woodland Camo cover, they are $10.00 each at the time of sale.} [Subject to availably at the time]

All helmets come with a good chin strap.

All helmets are used, so the chin strap and pads may be a little dirty or dusty, and the cover may have a stain or two.

After all they are just back from IRAQ and have been worn in combat. The pads will be gray or black depending on the helmet you chose.

If you desire a new set of pads or a new chin strap I have a few for sale, email for availably and cost. These will be sold to the helmet buyer only.

Please email me any questions.

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