Used 5" Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation -Silver,Handpainted, Handmade in Nepal

5 Inch Cast Singing Bowl - Silver

This is a 5" diameter and 1.60 lbs Tibetan Singing Bowl made from copper and other metals and is decorated with hand painted Tibetan mantras and various auspicious Tibetan symbols. These singing bowls are painted to make it more visually appealing but still produce a complex but deep and melodious sound. This kind of singing bowl has been used for generations as decorative as well as during meditation, for music, relaxation, personal well being, healing energy, chakra creation etc.

*Please note that the measurements are a close approximation and items are hand painted so may be of a slightly different design than as shown in the picture.


Singing bowl diameter 5 inches Singing bowl weight *** 1.60 lbs

* Please note that hand crafted singing bowls may have slight variations in measurements, the measurements listed here are close approximations. ** Hand painted items may be of a slightly different design than as shown in the picture, please let us know if you are interested in any specific design. *** Weight refers to the weight of the actual singing bowl alone.


Your shipment will include the singing bowl and a striker (mallet)

Type: Cast Singing Bowl Striker: Wooden striker with leather cover Cusion: Cushion wrapped in a silk
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