Used Worn Thin Black Mens Dress Socks Men's Size 13 Sheer Socks 4 Big Male Feet

I don't know the exact size of these used dress socks. They are a rather large size though, because they fit size 13 feet. These are thinner than average dress socks. You'll enjoy them. I process all of my sales quickly and package nicely in organized zip-lock bags. These are power socks and help a man know his place. Message if you have questions.

I am about to graduate from college, and I'm selling some stuff to get ready for law school.

*I have several pairs of thin black dress socks from frequent use, so the actual pair you receive may be slightly different than the ones pictured. I go through a lot of these socks as a business/pre-law student.

"The socks will be cleaned per eBay standards."