Replacement CIF gear. Army surplus. Quality, government issued equipment.
This listing is for a new MOLLE II Fighting Load Carrier. It is issued to US Army soldiers at initial equipment issues and pre-deployment equipment issues.
If your clothing record says "SET,FIGHTING LOAD C-(4117)", then this is what you need. Our clothing records show this item as follows: LIN : DA655K NOMENCLATURE : SET,FIGHTING LOAD C-(4117) PARTIAL NSN : 0577
Don't pay CIF for something that actually costs half of what they will charge you. Buy it here. Get it fast. Turn it in.
This vest is made of durable nylon, ACU patterned material. It is secured through a series of straps, buckles, and a zipper. It can accommodate the smallest and largest of persons, and is perfect for paintball, airsoft, or hunting, through pouches that are for sale on our other auctions. The vest, on the interior, has mesh pockets that line the front portion, on both sides.
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