USGI Molle II main pack, sleep carrier, frame, +BONUS

Genuine US Military Surplus Molle II Main Pack, Sleep System Carrier, Shoulder harness, waist belt and Molle II frame. Frame is black, all the rest is woodland camo.

I want to tell you, a lot of junk can be packed in these things. I had no idea until I needed to fill them for the pictures. I grabbed what I thought would do the job and was only about 2/3 the way full. I packed a civilian moderate temp sleeping bag in the sleep system carrier, and it handled it well. Problem was it was too heavy for easy handling for the pictures. So I cheated and filled it with bubble wrap--a lot of bubble wrap!

The top section was stuffed with two twin size quilted bedspreads. Really a lot of material and I had room for more. I'm sure the sheets and pillowcases would have easily gone in t also. AND that left the zipper pocket on the main pack unused. It's designed specifically for carrying a claymore mine. Well, I checked and sure enough I was out of claymore's so I guess you can put just about anything in it you want.

Both of the sections have inner closures which cinch down and help keep dust out. The larger over flap is designed to provide weather protection in both cases. The flap of the Main Pack has a plastic liner with a velcro closure to provide a convenient map case. Not very handy for the guy carrying it because
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