USMC M-1965 marine field cover VIETNAM-made hat

US MARINE CORPS M-1965 FATIGUE FIELD COVER. non-issue copy of the standard USMC 8-pleated OD grunt cloth cover. VN mama-san VIETNAMESE MADE postwar (re-enactor market) from OD sateen cotton cloth material. has USMC EGA ink stamp front section, two eyelet ventilation grommets on each side, cloth sewn-in sweatband, stitched top crown edge. size is approx between 7.25-7.5 (US). i normally wear 7-1/2 and it fits snugly. multi-stitch visor bill....long type. made in current day VIETNAM. condition is used. cool looking for the NAM GRUNT FIELD LOOK. used by force recon, seal team, marine recon, sniper scout units. key word search: MACV-SOG, US SPECIAL FORCES, AIRBORNE RANGER, LRRP, LRP, LURP. RECONDO, PARATROOPER PATHFINDER, US SF GP. 5THSFGP, US5SFGP, airborne paratrooper, US 5th SPECIAL FORCES GROUP. 5th SPEC FORCES. US ARMY RANGER.USMC FORCE RECON, long range reconnaissance patrol unit. fort bragg us army special warfare center. DE OPPRESSO LIBER. US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERET. US ADVISOR, US ARVN ADVISORS. CIDG INDIG FORCES, PRU, PROVINCIAL RECONAISSANCE UNIT, USN SEAL TEAM. ICEX. RECONDO LRP. PHOENIX PROGRAM. Marine sniper. Lurps. USN SEAL TEAM, PF POPULAR FORCES MILITIA. US MARINE CORPS FORCE RECON, USMC RECON BATTALION. 75TH RANGER REGIMENT, DELTA FORCE. ARVN PF STRIKER. NVA, N.V.A, regular, NORTH VIETNAMESE ARMY, NATIONAL LIBERATION ... read more