USMC Marine Unifrom "EGA" old Pattern pocket stencil *

A sheet of old pattern US Marine Corps regulation "EGA" and "USMC"stencils as used for application to the pockets and caps of US Marine Corps uniforms. The Eagle,Globe and anchor stencil is the pattern of 1956 and was regulation until 1993 when the USMC portion was dropped from the heat transfers.Regardless complete heat transfer stencil was used and applied to Marine utility uniforms until the heat trnsfer stencil became obsolete with the introduction of the Digital/MARPAT camoflaged uniforms that are made with an embroidered "EGA".

and has seen continual use applied to the pockets and caps of the following Marine Corps uniforms:

P1955-58 OD Sateens Vietnam era OD OG-107 Sateens Vietnam OD Jungle Rips-Stop poplin uniforms-all patterns issued to the Marine Corps Vietnam Camoflage ERDL utility's 1980's vinatge ERDL utility's 1st-2nd Pattern BDU Woodland Camoflage utility's 1st-2nd Pattern Desert Camoflage "Chocaolate-Chip" utility's Reversible Grey woodland to Desert camoflage utility's 1st-2nd Pattern Poplin Rip-Stop Woodland Utility's 1st-2nd pattern Desert Three-Color utility's

These stencils are new and can be reused -from experience about three times.LIMITED QUANTITY OF THESE>

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