USMC MARPAT MICH Helmet Covers ,1 Desert 1 Woodland EGA

This auction is for TWO (2) genuine USMC Marine Digital Pattern PASGAT (first model Kevlar with sweat Band inside) helmet covers, one in Woodland Green and one in Desert Tan, similar to the ones pictured here. I guarantee both of these covers will have at least one Eagle Globe and Anchor and USMC within the pattern of each of the covers. This is a rare find and will give you some serious bragging rights .

The ones I will ship will be identical design, and specifications. This size fits Medium and Large Helmets. Both helmet covers are displayed on large PASGAT, (Kevlar) helmet, and US Marines tell me that by rotating the attachment tabs one half turn they will fit the MICH helmet . I should point out these helmet covers are different from the current issue MICH covers, with longer Velcro tipped attachment pads on the tip of the nylon tab. If you want one specifically made for the MICH helmet, please see my other listings for these covers .

Auction is for Two (2) Helmet Covers on ly . They are brand new, current first generation by a DOD contractor (I do not reveal who they came from and there are no labels in them, and they are NOT reversable). I do NOT have any small or extra small ones .Note also-this cover is made for US military issue gear, not fake helmets such as paintball ones. It will have to be modified

I have sold a bunch of these Helmet covers to active duty Marines. Check my feedback, We are not here to play, mislead, rip you off with garbage knock offs. These are made of the official issue USMC MARPAT material and will have the small EGA-USMC somewhere in the pattern on both covers. Please do not confuse these helmet covers with the garbage coming from Asia at 1/5th the price and a full ounce less weight. Over 5,000 customers can not be wrong.

. There is no label in the cover. Don't ask for my source-I don't give it out cause some folks go behind my back to try and buy direct.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Most of Western Europe, Scandinavia, Spain, Australia, New Zealand where normal Air Mail First Class mail is accepted, the cost will be $7.00 if you have at least 10 Positive Feedbacks with no Delivery Negatives.

PLEASE NOTE: If your Pay Pal shipping address in Unconfirmed, and you have less than 10Positive Feedbacks with No Delivery negatives, the parcel can only be shipped VIA Registered Mail or Air Letter Post Insured at an additional cost of $20.00 for Postage. Other buyers please check before bidding . All items I am selling may be combined within 7 days of the closing of this listing.

Returns: Buyer will pay cost of return to me, and Pay Pal fees charged to me for initial payment, outgoing postage and packing and relisting fees will be borne by buyer.

NC Sales tax will be collected on all sales delivered in NC, rate is 8%. Military addressed items are exempt.

No they are not reversible! One helmet cover is USMC MARPAT Woodland Green the other helmet cover is USMC MARPAT Desert Tan

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