USMC Pack Modification Kit by Oneiros Valley - Upgrade or Repair FILBE Main Ruck

Early lots of USMC Pack System shoulder harnesses suffered from load lifter buckle failures and improperly sized quick release straps. In 2013, the USMC began issuing a mandatory modification kit for affected packs manufactured by Eagle Industries. Made to military specifications with NIR-compliant webbing and hardware, the Oneiros Valley USMC Pack Modification Kit is now available to upgrade or repair your FILBE pack.

The Top Buckle Adapters are provided to replace the existing load lifter buckles on the Shoulder Harness Assembly. These are attached directly around the top of the pack frame to ensure utmost reliability.
The Quick Release Adapters replace non-NIR-compliant and improperly sized quick release straps and attach by simple triglide buckles. The snap fasteners feature a NIR-compliant polymer cap instead of the standard enamel coating, providing superior wear resistance and infrared reflectance. This upgrade will prevent the quick release straps from unsnapping inadvertently.

Complete kits will be individually packaged for quantity orders. Top Buckle Adapters and Quick Release Adapters also available separately on the Oneiros Valley website.