USN Captain Mess Dinner Dress Blue Uniform 46

U.S. Navy Line Captain (CAPT)

Mess / Dinner Dress Blue Uniform

Coat Size 46 Regular

Trousers Size 40x33

Includes dinner dress blue coat and dinner dress blue trousers.

This current issue U.S. Navy CAPT's Mess Dress / Dinner dress blue uniform is in very good to excellent condition with no serious problems and only minor/normal signs of wear.

The coat is complete with 6 gilt buttons and USN Line Captain sleeve insignia . The coat was made by the Patriot and is a size 46 Regular. The coat is in very good condition. The only issue is that it appears that at one time t were shoulder board loops that were removed from the shoulders. T are traces of w they were sewn to the coat. They aren't obvious or distracting from the coat but it is worth mentioning. The Captain that wore this coat must have made the change and had the gold stripes and stars sewn on the lower sleeves.

The coat is a size 46 regular.

The coat measurements are:

chest 24", inner sleeve 18", outer sleeve 25", collar to lower hem 23, between shoulders 19"

The formal dress blue trousers are in excellent condition with no problems. T is no manufacturers label or size label. The measured is size 40x33.

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