USN Officer Naval Aviation Green Uniform

WW2 naval aviator's green service uniform. I acquired this uniform locally at an estate sale. I have very little information, unfortunately. The man was a naval pilot in WW2 and into the 1950s. The shadow where the sewn-on bullion wing can still be seen. We believe the wing was removed/retained by a family member. Rank is for a Lieutenant. This officer ended his career as a Commander so we are reasonably sure this is/was his wartime jacket.

The jacket is about a size 40R -- somewhat largish for back in the day. It's custom tailored by Howard's Naval Uniform Outfitters of Corpus Christi, Texas. There are no moth issues with this jacket. All buttons are present. The shoulder area is nicely padded/quilted. The only oddity I noted was that the naval stars point up. By regulation they should point down.

The accompanying trousers are a matching shade of green but do not have a tailor label. SIze is approximately 34" waist and 32" inseam. Condition is good. The trousers show more wear than the jacket -- a common occurence since the jacket was often removed in office settings. Some separation of the satin lining at the top of the waistband about 2 inches long. There is also some wear on the edges to the front pockets. No moth damage. The zipper works well.