USS Coral Sea CVA-43 WESTPAC 61-62 cruise book case set

Original RARE US Navy two book set in a wood slipcase for USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Far East Cruise 1961-62 published by Toppan Printing Co in Japan. The wood slipcase has a paper label with three planes on it and a sunburst design in the corner and impressed title of "Carrir West". Slipcase is in good condition with moderate scuffing and wear to the front and some wood loss to one layer of wood as shown in photo 3. Inside the top loading slipcover are two matching softcover books. The first is titled "Carrier West Crew's Who USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Far East Cruise 1961-1962". Book is approximately 100 pages in length and pictures the sailor of each ships division and covers Carrier Air Group 15. CAG-15 was composed ov VF-151 Vigilantes flying F-3H Demons, VA-152 Fighting Aces flying AD-7 Skyraiders, VA-153 Blue Tail Flies flying A4D skyhawks, VF-154 Black Knights flying F8U-2N Crusaders, VA-155 Silver Foxes flying A4D Skyhawks, VAH-2 flying A3D Skywariors, VAW-11 Det Delta flying WF-2 Tracers, VAW-13 Det Delta flying AD5Q Skyraiders, VFp-63 Det Delta flying F8U-1P Crusaders and HU-1 Det Delta flying HUP HelicoptersBook measures 10.25x13.0 inches and is in excellent condition, but does have notations in the VF-151 section on what some of the sailors later became and so forth (see photos for best information on this). Next is the second volume ... read more