USSR Red Book Endangered Wildlife 50 ROUBLES(RUBLE) 1993 bi-metal himalayen bear

1993 Russian Endangered Wildlife 50 ROUBLES(RUBLES) bi-metal Himalayean bear this coin has a mintage of 300000 as stated by the russian bank site

this s the actual coin you will receive condition seems pretty nice as im not a coin grader and i know little about coin so judge by the scans and ask questions if you have them

shipping will be 4$ in Canada,5$ in the US,and 7$ elsewhere by regular canadian postage and be aware that im not responsible for long delays in shipping, if you want some other method of shipping just let me know i will get you quotes for them. and yes i will combine shipping also be sure to check my others auctions of other 5.10.50 roubles of the same type

thanks and