Utah Dinosaur Gizzard Stone / Dino Stomach Stone / Gastrolith / Trace Fossil eh

Auction is for a Dinosaur Gizzard Stone / Gastrolith specimen from the Henry Mountains in Southern Utah. This fossilized specimen collected from the Morrison Formation and it's about 148 million years old.

The specimen measures about 4"x 3"x 1 3/4"(+or-) and it weighs about 15.3 ounces. Pictures taken with the rock dry and under indoor lighting.

No fossil collection is complete without a Dinosaur Gizzardstone! A unique gift for that someone that has everything or kids!

Geologists usually require several pieces of evidence before they will accept that a rock was used by a dinosaur to aid its digestion . First, the stone must be unlike the rock found in its geological vicinity. Secondly, it should be rounded and polished, because inside a dinosaur's gizzard any genuine gastrolith would have been acted upon by other stones and fibrous materials in a process similar to the action of a rock tumbler . Lastly, the stone must be found with the fossils of the dinosaur which ingested it. It is this last criterion that causes trouble in identification, as smooth stones found without context can (possibly erroneously in some cases) be dismissed as having been polished by water or wind. Christopher H. Whittle (1988,9) pioneered scanning electron microscope analysis of wear patterns on gastroliths. Wings (2003) found
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