V ROD Harley Davidson MOTORCYCLE Large RC New Bright

*Never Used* V Rod Harley Davidson Remote

Control - New Bright Model

Yes! Never used. Was taken out of it's box and set on display. Enjoyed for it's beauty not as a "toy".

This is the large New Bright RC model. See how it compares in size to a standard door in photo.

It does measure about 28 in. long.

It is complete with:

Owner's manual, 9.6V Battery Pack, transformer and charging cradle, display stand & transmitter.

*Even has extra side mirrors and touch up paint.*

The orginal box is gone. Will be shipped parcel post to save on shipping expense.

A like new model of this V Rod! In great working condition.

Please pay with PayPal only.

It is the only method of payment accepted.

Thank you.