V1 Flying bomb fragment

Hi All, This is one of the strangest items I am selling on ebay, as in effect it is a piece of twisted metal, but metal with a story..................
This was given to me in the year 1980, but an ex fireman from Accrington Lancashire. He told me the story that during WW2 he was stationed in London near what was to become "bomb alley", the first V1 hit London and his fire engine was dispatched, as they were fighting the first explosion a second one landed some distance away, they carried on tackling the destruction of the first. When their job was done they noticed steam coming from the front of the engine, from the radiator to be precise. They pulled this piece of twisted metal from the radiator and he kept it till he gave it to me. Basically it is a piece of V1 shrapnel that had flown at great speed and hit his fire engine, and for that reason it has been interesting to me ever since.
On the metal there are lines scribed, if you look closely.
It would make a lovely display piece if it were mounted.
Please see my other items as it is part of my collection.