V275 Tibetan 8 Good Luck Symbols of Buddha Wall Hanging

V275 Tibetan 8 Good Luck Symbols of Buddha Wall Hanging

The size of this wall hang is 6x24 inches without tassels. This is a great wall hang for a home decoration. This beautiful brocade silk-framed wall hang is embroidered with the 8 auspicious symbols Buddha. These 8 auspicious symbols of Buddha are called Astamangal. Ashtamangal is a Sanskrit word that means the eight luck-bringing Buddhist symbols. The qualities of the Buddha are traditionally represented by these 8 auspicious symbols. They were offered to the Shakyamuni Buddha at the time of his birth. The 8 auspicious symbols also commemorate the gifts offered by celestial beings to Shakyamuni Buddha after his attainment of enlightenment. The meanings of the 8 auspicious symbols as follows:

Two Golden Fish: Represent Buddha's eyes, hence Transcendent Wisdom; happiness and utility; symbolic of beings saved from the ocean of earthly life and suffering.

Conch: Symbolizes the sound of Dharma, which can be heard in all directions; proclaiming the fame of the saints; "the blessedness of turning to the right".

Banner: Victory over negative influences; flag that celebrates the victory of Buddhism; the standard erected on the summit of the palace of salvation.

Endless Knot: The Mystic Diagram representing the Great Love of all the Buddhas, and
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