This action is for a BRAND NEW Vaco model 1900 terminal crimper, wire cutter, wire stripper and small bolt cutter tool. You are buying one Vaco tool.

This is the best terminal crimper I have ever found. I purchased mine in 1970 and I still use it today.

When Klein Tools took over Vaco tools this tool was no longer made and dropped from the line.

It’s the same old story about the new and improved version but, believe me, this model is STILL the best one.

These Vaco crimpers are sold under a different label but I guarantee that this is the ORIGINAL Vaco 1900 that are almost impossible to find anyw Yes, you will find the NEW version all day long but NOT this model as it has been discontinued years ago.

These are NEW OLD STOCK that were renamed on the grip but you can’t hide the fact that they are the REAL DEAL, the GENUINE Vaco model 1900.

Once you crimp your wire terminals with a Vaco 1900 you will see how much better the crimp really is.

They have a very durable soft orange grip that gives a little to make the crimping comfortable and easy on your hands. Has 3 crimping dies built in for different gage wires and terminals. You can also cut wires, strip wires and cut small screws such as 10/32, 10/24, 8/32, 6/32, and also 4/40 size threads.

Your wire terminals are
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