*Old Vacuum NOS Radio TV Tube Dealer Lot Tubes Philco

This auction is a relist as bidder did not complete transction. This sturdy tube caddy came from my father's TV repair business in the 1950's and is loaded (120 + ) with a colage of tubes. These are all NOS (New) tubes in boxes for vintage radio and TVs. The manufactures include Philco, RCA, Rad Tel, GE, Arcturus, Zalytron, Sylvania. There are also rare early portable low voltage tubes ie; 1R5,1S5, 1G5, 1U4 and many more. The voltages of most of these tubes are 1, 3, 6,13, 25, 35, and 50 volts. These tubes should fit between 1950 - 1970 power amplifyers. There are some Selenium Rectifier units 500 MA and a black & white picture tube booster, two substitution guides (One is 1959 the other is from Westinghouse - see pictures), 1980 GE Tube list price guide, and a Philips ECG price schedule are also included. Some of the tube numbers included in this lot are (Parenthesis to the right are the quantity): 1R5 (3), 1S5, 1T4 (2), 1U4 (3), 1U5, 3S4, 0Z4, 12SQ7,12SK7, 50L6, 35L6, 35Z5, 12V6, 80, 1918, 35W4, 50B5, 50C5, 17DQ6,12AX4, 25BQ6, 19AU4, 25AX4, 12134, 12DZ6, 12EK6, 12AD6, 6CS6, 6X8, 6AQ5A (2), 6AV6 (2), 6C136A (4), 6J6 (2), 6K6, 6SQ7, 6X5, 6LG8, 6EH7, EF183, 6AG5, 6S4, 6BY8, 6GU7, 6CD6, 5U4 (3) - "See picture of one out of the box", 6DQ6, 6BY5, 6Y6, 6SJ7, 6SF5, 5AT8, 6U8, 1X213, 3C136, 6AU6 (3), 6AX4, 25W4 GT, 6AU4, 6W4 GT, 6BL7 ... read more