Vacuum Tube Bendix 6900 AudioNote NOS NIB Tung Sol Pair

Excellent feedback both here and on our other site!! Superb matching pair!

This pair matches extremely well internally and externally 4% at running high voltage, not just low tester voltages .

Average internally for most 6900 tubes is 8-10% and higher.

ULTRA Rare Replacements for 5687 and 7119,7044 tubes. EXCELLENT NOS PAIR of 6900 Tungsten Pin made in USA by Tung Sol in the 1960's . Bendix also purchased the vast majority of its 2nd generation 6900 stock from Tung Sol. Tung Sol's are less prone to gassy issues than are the original Bendix version. Extremely rare and the best small signal tubes you will ever own. Original Tung Sol's are the cream of the crop for 6900 types and very difficult to find. Both of the tubes have been relabled by MU Inc in California. This was from the batch that MU purchased from Tung Sol and retested yet again when they recieved them. Our last gold pair went for $725, Tungsten pair for $600.

Great for Audionote, Loesch, an many other amps and preamps.

Truly the very best sounding all all the twin triodes we've ever auditioned. They best the ECC32,33,34,35 all the 5687 and 7119 (7044) types, as well as any 6SN7 we've heard, 7788 triode wired, any E88CC, EC8010, 417A, 437A's etc. Ceramic insulators, heavy Nomex glass, gold grid wire, tungsten pins , microphonic
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