Vacuum Tubes - LOT OF 420!

These tubes are all mostly NOS - new/old/stock and in original boxes. There are a couple that may have been used probably for test purposes but not many at all. Below is a list of the numbers included in the lot.
There is definitely at least one of what I list here and most definitely multiples of these numbers. I don't have the time to count and list them all per each individual number.
These were saved from being excess-ed from a Metrology lab. This is lot #3 of more to come. If you want larger pictures I can email them. The larger box comes from an old Ham operator. The tubes
seem in good shape. Some boxes have writing on them. Some are beyond vintage!
Here's the list:

GE: 12AB5, 6X8A, 12BZ7, 12BY7A/12BV7 12DQ7,12BA6, 12AY7, 12AW6, 6Y6GT, 930, 6AU5GT, 6W4GT,

5W4GT, 3CES/3BC5, 6463

RCA: 12B4A, 6X8, 12BA6, 12BE6, 6V3A, 12AW6, 6072, 7C5, 955, 9005, 6W4GT, 12BQ6GTB 12CU6, 5W4GT,

6K6GT, 15DQ8/PCL84, 12CX6, 3JC6, 5JK6, 3A5, 6X8A, 7189, 5GX7, 6HS8, 6CG7, 6BJ6, 6BQ7A, 6GJ7,

5U8, 6J6, 10EN8

RCA Victor: 1U5

Amperex: 6084, 6084 E80F, 6085,

CBS: 25CA5, 3AU6, 5AM8,

Delco: 6AK6,

United: 6100 6C4WA,

Arcturus: 3Q4,

Standard: 3BNG,

Raytheon: CK6111,

Hytron: 6BZ7, 4BA6, 3EA5, 19EZ8, 6DE6, 6KS8, 10C8, 13DR7, 20EZ7
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