Vagn HOLMBOE: Oboe Concerto, Sinfonia Concertante,

The thirteen chamber concerti of Danish composer Vagn Holmboe are a good deal lighter than his symphonies, with a neoclassical spareness somewhat like Larsson, a colorful palette that's kind of like Martinu, and his usual energetic, restless sense of drama. Hannu Koivula leads the Danish Radio Sinfonietta in his largely happy Chamber Concerto #7 for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra, op.37 , the more complex Chamber Concerto #8 for orchestra, "Sinfonia Concertante" op.38 ; and the Chamber Concerto #9 for Violin, Viola, and Orchestra op.39 , which opens with the ferocity of his symphonies but grows more folklike, sounding like a Tveitt hardanger-fiddle piece by the end. See photo for complete list of soloists. You can listen to excerpts from this 1997 da capo CD here .

From the Fanfare review:

Like Concertos Nos. 1 and 3, No. 7 (1944-45) for oboe has only two movements; like those in No. 1, these are deliberately unbalanced in length. Unlike in No. I, it works here, partly because the three sections of the first movement are strongly contrasted: two slow outer ones framing a faster inner one. Both movements are typical Holmboe for this period: basically diatonic with spiky rhythmic motion in faster parts and fine counterpoint everywhere. Nielsen and Stravinsky come to mind in this well crafted, lyrical, nondramatic music. The sound
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