VALENTINIAN I 364AD Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Coin ANGEL VICTORY

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Authentic Ancient Coin of:

Valentinian I - Roman Emperor: 364-375 A.D. -
Bronze AE3 17mm (2.68 grams) Siscia mint: 364-367 A.D.
Reference: RIC 7a.2 (IX, Siscia), LRBC 1277
DNVALENTINIANVSPFAVG - Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
SECVRITASREIPVBLICAE Exe: K/P/Q/ΓSISCV - Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm.

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In Roman mythology , Victoria was the personification/Goddess of victory. She is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Nike , and was associated with Bellona . She was adapted from the Sabine agricultural goddess Vacuna and had a temple on the Palatine Hill . Her name (in Latin) means victory. Unlike the Greek Nike, Victoria ( Latin for "victory") was a major part of Roman society. Multiple temples were erected in her honour. When her statue was removed in 382 AD by emperor Gratianus there was much anger in Rome. She was normally worshipped by triumphant generals returning from war.

Also unlike the Greek Nike,who was known for success in athletic games such as chariot races, Victoria was a symbol of victory over death and determined who would be successful during war. Appearing on Roman coins, jewelry, architecture, and other
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